4 Cavities Thin Wall Mould with Stainless Material

4 Cavities Thin Wall Mould with Stainless Material

Short Description:

Plastic material: PP,PE and can be customized
Mold usage: Shampoo bottle, detergent, cosmetics bottle
The requirements of the thin-wall mold for the steel material, the core cavity insert vacuum quenching material (hardness HRC48-50), and the stripping plate H13 (hardness HRC45-48). For the requirements of the movable and fixed molds, the inserts at the bottom of the cavity should have a separate group of water transport, cooling thermal resistance, and the inserts should be D-shaped limit, and the four corners of the top of the four sides should also be prying grooves.

Product Detail

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Surface Request: High polish
Core& Cavity: 2083/2344
Mold Base: 2085
Runner System: MASTER hot runner
mould gate type: Valve gate
Package Details: Wooden Case
Place of Origin: Taizhou, China
We pay great attention to mold quality:
1. Each core cavity has a self-locking function to ensure that the product will not be eccentric.
2. The needle valve nozzle is more advanced in technology, and the main advantages are as follows:
(1) No gate residue is left on the product, and the trace at the gate is smooth;
(2) The gate with a larger diameter can be used, which can Accelerates cavity filling, further reduces injection pressure, and reduces product deformation.
(3) It can prevent the phenomenon of thread pulling and salivation when the mold is opened;
(4) When the screw of the injection molding machine retreats, it can effectively prevent the material from being sucked back from the mold cavity;
(5) It can cooperate with the sequence control to reduce the Product weld lines.

How do we do for mold maintenance during the production?
(1): The corresponding parts of the mold are regularly oiled during production. Such as: the pressing ring and fillet of the drawing die; the edge part of the trimming die; the part of the flanging knife block, etc.
(2): Regularly clean the small hole waste channel of the trimming punching die.

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